Chiara Padrini

Among her many accomplishments in both bonsai and suiseki: founding member of Bonsai and Suiseki Clubs and Associations, President of the National College of Bonsai and Suiseki Instructors (which she helped found) from 1999-2008 and is currently the committee Chair for Suiseki Ethics and Didactics.  She has authored articles that have appeared in French, English, Spanish, Swiss and Chinese magazines and her stones appear in many publications and websites. She has won many awards including the BCI 2008 excellence award and the 2009 Gold medal of the World Bonsai Congress.

Chiara is in the U.S. to present at the ABS/BCI Bonsai in the Bluegrass Symposium in Louisville, Kentucky in June.  We are very fortunate to have Chiara visit us and share her vast experience of viewing stones. Here are just a few of the images of Chiara's stones from her website.   If you'd like to learn more about Chiara visit her website at:

Viewing stone of Chiara Padrini


Plan to attend the upcoming workshop with Chiara

When: Sunday, April 3

Where: Roseville Public Library

Time: 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Cost: $20.00 per person

Bring your stones, stands and scrolls to discuss with Chiara.  The workshop will feature a powerpoint presentation demonstrating the power of the suggestion of viewing stones.  Some of the topics she will be discussing include:



  • History of Suiseki
  • Stone Classification
  • Collecting
  • Shape
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Chinese stones
  • Carving a daiza
  • Stone display including stands, scrolls etc.


This  workshop is a great warm-up for the State Fair category of "Viewing Stones".  It's your chance to learn from an International expert on Suiseki. Space is limited so sign up now!

To reserve your space contact Dale Krueger at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 651-324-4638.

Viewing stone of Chiara Padrini

Biography used with permission of George Buehler from the ABS/BCI Bonsai in the Bluegrass website.  For more information go to